Working from home can be tough. The hours usually run longer with potential distractions around. Also, working independently with just a computer screen to keep you company can also be tough on your body. There are chances to get that lingering backache and eye strain. Here are some devices to help you keep that eye strain and backache at bay.



Vision x eye protection anti-glare eyeglasses: Available at Rs 499

The lenses on these eye glasses are said to protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, TV screens and more. They claim to be able to block out 100% harmful UVA/UVB rays.



Amanora care 14-inch laptop screen cover: Available at Rs 2,499

This filter for a 14-inch laptop screen not only reduces the blue light transmission from the display, but also prevents anyone from snooping on your screen by reducing the visual area. Further, it also protects the display in terms of scratches and fingerprints.



SaleOn flexible USB Plug LED light lamp: Available at Rs 349

If you use a device that doesn’t come with a backlit keyboard then getting this will certainly help you in working in a dark room environment. Claimed to offer a life expectancy up to 10,000 hours, this LED lamp has a flexible body.



Glorial star laptop stand: Available at Rs 848

This device offers adjustable height (7 option) for convenient operating angle. The laptop stand is said to be functional with laptops from 10 to 15.6-inch of display as well as tablets ranging from 6-inch to 12.9-inch.



Orthopedic lumbar support memory foam cushion: Available at Rs 1,330

This accessory is quite an essential if you spend long hours at your workstation. It can be a good option even if you don’t suffer from backache. It is ergonomically designed and helps you keep the right posture.



Xech eye massager: Available at Rs 3,999

This gadget claims to offer a spa-like experience for eyes. It comes with five massage modes — automatic mode, fresh mode, smart mode, lenses mode and sleep mode. All aimed to ease strain on — your eyes and improve blood circulation around the temple area on the forehead.



GHK H74 Shiatsu back rolling massager: Available at Rs 2,299

This massager is for your back. It has a built-in handle which makes it easy to carry. It has a handheld controller for changing the direction of the massage.


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