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Latest on Bethel campus, trolleys in Redding: Ask the R-S

This always happens — we get so many great questions that we can’t answer them all during our one-hour live chat, which has just ended.

I’ll sign off with this intriguing question posed by someone who’s new to Redding:

“The biggest issue we see is the surrounding counties declaring water shortages and emergency cutbacks. So, our question is where does Redding’s residential water come from and is it possible the city will be subject to water shortages in this drought?”

We can’t answer this question today – but we will soon.

Our next live chat takes place June 24 and you don’t have to wait until then to send in your questions. Find out how to Ask the Record Searchlight at the bottom of  this story.

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For now, people want to know what’s happening with the new campus for the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, whether there’s a possibility of downtown Redding trolley cars and what’s causing headaches for many motorists along Hilltop Drive.

Join Senior Reporter Michele Chandler, moderator of the chat.

Is there an update on the new Bethel campus?

Q: What is happening with the new Bethel campus that should have started construction two or three years ago?

Hi, it’s Michele Chandler here.

A: It will be at least another five years before Bethel Church begins moving to its $96 million new campus off Collyer Drive in east Redding, administrator Charlie Harper told Record Searchlight business reporter David Benda in late February.

Bethel Church plans to build its new campus on this land off Collyer Drive in east Redding. The project is set for a 39-acre corner lot at Twin Tower and Collyer drives with a view of Mt. Shasta, just north of Highway 299.

Harper, a member of the church’s senior leadership team, said the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry will continue to lease space for classes at the Redding Civic Auditorium for at least another seven years. The school will eventually relocate to the new campus, to be located on Collyer Drive and Twin Tower Drive, east of Churn Creek Road on the north side of Highway 299.

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